The Task Force (aka Strong Kids Safe Kids) is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation managed by an all volunteer standing committee made up of local businesses, community organizations; and child advocates. The committee meets monthly beginning in January to plan festival activities, publicize the event, and and help solicit donations from local sponsors to assist with the funding event expenses.

2022 SKSK Festival Contacts are as follows:

We invite you to consider joining the SKSK Ccommitte

We are always in search of new SKSK committte members and would love to have you join us. Contact Susie if you are interested in joining the committee. We love to welcome new folks who join and can promise you you will have a lot off fun while becomng part of a one of a kind event. And - it is the only way anyone can receive the coveted SKSK Tie- dye T-shirt.

Current Committee Members - Please Update your contact information

Use our handy online form to update your contact information on the list above. Make sure to include your cell phone number if you have one.


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